2015 - the year that was

“Have you had anyone cry on you?” Difficult lives and difficult stories (Miranda Francis)

#LTUacwrimo 2015! (Tseen Khoo)

Moving your research community to the next level (Jade Sleeman)

What's your favourite academic writing text?

My second life as a Wikipedian (Thomas Shafee)

SWIS - Supporting Women in Science (Oonagh Bodin)

2015 #LTUacwrimo photo competition - "Inspiration/Perspiration/Motivation"

#LTUacwrimo - so you think you can tweetchat?

LIMS Fellows – Building the next generation of science leaders (Erika Duan)

My PhD experience: Juggling, or playing, with two babies? (Shawgat Sharmeen Kutubi)

La Trobe's Academic Writing Month (#LTUacwrimo) 2015 is coming! Are you ready?

The importance of distractions (Michael Munforte)

How technology has transformed historical research (Merran Williams)

Never say never (Carmel Hobbs)

Brevity is the soul of 3MT (Kelly Farrell)

Leaving Paradise for a PhD (Fazeela Ibrahim)

Writing your way out of a corner (Jason Murphy)

Tips from a first-year PhD researcher (Georgia Atkin-Smith)

First awards - Intellectual Climate Fund for Graduate Researchers

Research grant applications 101 (Tseen Khoo)

Orientation for graduate researchers - 21 July 2015 (Tseen Khoo)

A worthy experience (Priyanka Reddy)

From San Francisco, CA to Bendigo, Vic (Lynna Feng)

Writing for The Conversation (Tseen Khoo)

The study takes over – the rise of anthropomorphism (Teresa Iacono)

Top five reasons to run a conference (Tseen Khoo)

The writer on holiday (Jason Murphy)

Preparing for post-PhD life during your PhD (Sam Manna)

Public Scholarship at La Trobe University (Chris Mackie)

What do you mean there are no comms? Conducting archaeological fieldwork at Lake Mungo (Caroline Spry)

Community: build networks to support your work (Jade Sleeman)

An unplanned career in plants (Tim Entwisle)

Are you working in a healthy research laboratory culture? (Sam Manna)

What shutting up and writing can do for you (Emma Hughes)

CALL FOR PAPERS - La Trobe University Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network Conference (1 October 2015)

One great way to stimulate research (Narelle Lemon)

Don’t worry, it’s only a Human Research Ethics Committee! (Sara Paradowski)

It does happen! Finishing the thesis (Linda Kirkman)

Doing a PhD in Kelly country (Margaret Hickey)

New year, new blog!