Tuesday, 9 December 2014

And that was #LTUacwrimo for 2014!

Winning #LTUacwrimo photo by Hannah Macdougall
Before we get too far past November, we should wrap up 2014's Academic Writing Month!

From the looks of the challenge spreadsheet, and conversations with various #LTUacwrimo-ers, it sounds like a LOT of writing got done.

Not only that, but a lot of thinking and planning about writing got done!

It has been wonderful to hear people talking about how, for example, the 'reverse outline' workshop is proving its value now that they're getting to the stage of wanting to edit and more strongly structure their work. Or knowing that others are considering what topics they might pitch for various online publications. And hearing about how conference presentations and abstract submissions went.

At a very busy time of the university year, having the company of so many others undertaking the challenge was constructive and - dare I say it? - fun.

Thank you to all our participants and prize sponsors (Co-Op Bookshop / Research Services) for making the month such a great success!

But now to the important stuff first: who won the competitions?