Monday, 30 March 2015

It does happen! Finishing the thesis (Linda Kirkman)

Photo by Linda Kirkman

Finishing the writing

I completed my first full thesis draft on Monday, 12 January 2015.

On the afternoon of the day before, while driving to attend a party with my Central Victorian Twitter tribe, I decided that Monday would be the day I finished the full document.

The feeling of excitement was awesome! I resolved that it would be done, and told everyone at the party that night of this plan. I drank too much Prosecco to celebrate in advance. Oh well. But I was still at the lab before 8 am Monday, and got stuck into it!

I used the template suggested by Pat Thompson for constructing a conclusion: what I set out to do; how I did it; what I found; where it fits in with the existing literature; the implications or 'so what?' factor; and its limitations. I checked that the sources I used in the conclusion were in the lit. review.

I considered adding a quote from Sasha Roseneil,an academic hero of mine, but decided the focus needed to be on my writing, not hers.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Doing a PhD in Kelly country (Margaret Hickey)

"Lots of holes"
Photo by Rob Patrick |
I like saying that I am doing a PhD.

It’s a bit like saying my husband looks like George Clooney. I say it modestly, but I know that the other person is going to be impressed.

The trouble is that there’s a big gap between saying you're doing a PhD and actually doing the PhD. It’s like the gap between what my husband actually looks like compared to George Clooney. Huge.

Where I come from, not many people have a PhD. A few of my friends are studying by distance, and some are considering a postgraduate course, but I can only think of one person in the Glenrowan region who is actually undertaking a PhD. A neighbour, who is a farmer from Glenrowan West, says that he already has a PhD: it’s in building fences, and called a ‘Post Hole Digger’. So, maybe that makes three of us.

In a way, our qualifications are not that different. I spend my evenings digging around for relevant findings; I create piles of references and sift through evidence. More often than not, I find myself in a big hole.

Monday, 16 March 2015

New year, new blog!

Photo by Sergee Bee |
Is there something in the air in 2015?

We've started the year off with a big, positive change: this blog is being re-launched!

It now has a new name - The RED Alert - and will address a much broader set of topics and will publish weekly.

In the past, the RED blog has focused on research writing and publishing, with heaps of great stuff from #LTUacwrimo in 2014, and also in 2013.

From now on, we'll be talking about even more!

The blog will cover La Trobe University research experiences and insights, strategies for tackling research and being productive, and better ways to do research overall. It will also feature reports from RED events, competitions, and guest interviews.