Shut Up and Write (SUAW)

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‘Shut up and Write!’ (SUAW) is a series of weekly facilitated writing sessions designed to help researchers get their writing done.

That said, you can shut up and write, or edit, or read, or make, or analyse. It's up to you! The session gives you focused time for whatever you need to do.

SUAW sessions are open to all researchers, and they're hosted by the RED team and other researchers across the La Trobe network. We use the Pomodoro technique of focused 25-minute writing sprints interleaved with short breaks.

Many scholars find that SUAW sessions have become essential parts of their research practice – here are 5 great reasons to try SUAW out for yourself.

Currently, La Trobe SUAW sessions happen throughout the week via Zoom - join our mailing list for the latest links and updates each week! 

How does it work on Zoom?

    Each SUAW session may have slightly differently parts but the basics stay the same:
    • We all meet on Zoom at the link for that day and time (which is why you need to sign up to the SUAW mailing list - this link may change). 
    • There's normally a nominated host for the session, and they are the timekeeper for the 25-min pomodoros. 
    • Some may have short intros from everyone at the beginning – name, dept, what they’re working on, and the chat screen is used for other side conversations and any issues that people might be having with the session.
    • When a pomodoro is on, everyone’s muted with video usually on. The host comes back when time’s up. Everyone can unmute and chat.
    The sessions are friendly and informal. You can attend for as much of a session as you'd like. If you can't get there till later, or have to leave early, that's fine! The only thing is to remember that the group may be in a pomodoro session and to respect the quiet. 

    Come along, get work done, and meet some great people! It's a winning combination.