First awards - Intellectual Climate Fund for Graduate Researchers

Photo by Garrett Heath |
Reproduced under Creative Commons Licence 2.0
The first awardees for this brand new scheme have just been notified!

The Intellectual Climate Fund for Graduate Researchers was created and launched in July this year.

Sponsored by the Graduate Research School, the Associate PVCs (Research) of ASSC and SHE, this initiative offered over 20 grants of up to $500 each. Matching funding from Schools, departments, and research centres was strongly encouraged.

The awards were available to graduate researcher groups to support the development of their local research communities.

The scheme embraced a broad range of activities, and these could take place across schools, departments, physical locations, or disciplines.

At the 'Intellectual Climate Fund' launch on 9 July, Dean of the Graduate Research School Professor Chris Pakes challenged applicants to engage an "entrepreneurial spirit" with their ideas.

Teams of graduate researchers answered Professor Pakes' call and proposed projects ranging from theory salons, symposiums, and careers events, to stats skills development, networking breakfasts, and supporting new graduate researcher societies.

All the awarded activities must take place before the end of 2015, so look out for a burgeoning range of researcher opportunities over the next few months.

FULL LISTING OF AWARDED GRANTS: Intellectual Climate Fund Awardees - August 2015

As well as the stimulating and ongoing benefits of bringing together various groups of researchers at the university, this scheme offers valuable experience in event organisation, grant application writing, and project management.

Awardees will be submitting a report on their initiatives at the end of the year. We look forward to hearing all about them!