2018's #LTUAcWriMo has begun!

Fingers to your keyboard! La Trobe's 2018 Academic Writing Month (#LTUAcWriMo) has just kicked off!

Photo by neonbrand | unsplash.com
For the whole of November 2018, the RED team will turn our focus to thinking, talking about, planning for, and doing writing!

For the full #LTUAcWriMo program and registration details, please take a look at this year's introductory post.

For 2018, the RED team chose the theme of “Together”.

“Together” can mean lots of different things when it comes to academic writing.

It might ask us to imagine writing as a process of communication that involves both writers and readers, a way of coming together on the page. It might also invite us to consider writing as a practice that can involve collaborators, writing buddies, writing groups, proofreaders, editors, cheer squads, community stakeholders and many other people besides.

A word like together reminds us that while it might (or might not) be undertaken alone, writing is fundamentally a social activity.

This year, we are launching #LTUAcWriMo at our Bundoora Shut Up and Write (SUAW) group, which meets every week to write, snack and chat. Our SUAW group is an engine of writing productivity and community, and so we thought there was no better way to launch a month of thinking about writing “together” than by actually sitting down to write together!

On Friday 2 November, we will also have a special tweetchat with RED colleagues Tseen Khoo and James Burford. So, please bring along your questions and curiosity for a natter about writing! We'll be using the hashtag #LTUAcWriMo and focusing on what planning you've done and strategies you have for taking on a whole month of writing.

Other highlights of the month include:

Mildura Campus SUAW, 9.00- 12.00 pm, every morning of November!
All campus Shut Up and Write, 9.30-12.00 pm, 8 November.
Creative Ways into Academic Writing Workshop, 9.00-12.00 pm, 13 November
RED Writing Retreat, 20-22 November.
Albury Wodonga Writing Retreat 28-30 November
AcWriMo Writer’s Panel, 2.00-4.00 pm, 28 November.
TweetChat, 10.00-11.00 am, Friday 30 November.

All information and booking details are on our official Academic Writing Month page!

So, stretch your fingers, adjust your chair, light a candle, feed the cat, take the phone off the hook (or do whatever else you need to do) to prepare yourself for a full month of writing productivity and fulfilment!

We look forward to writing with you and coming together at our #LTUAcWriMo events.