New year, new blog!

Photo by Sergee Bee |
Is there something in the air in 2015?

We've started the year off with a big, positive change: this blog is being re-launched!

It now has a new name - The RED Alert - and will address a much broader set of topics and will publish weekly.

In the past, the RED blog has focused on research writing and publishing, with heaps of great stuff from #LTUacwrimo in 2014, and also in 2013.

From now on, we'll be talking about even more!

The blog will cover La Trobe University research experiences and insights, strategies for tackling research and being productive, and better ways to do research overall. It will also feature reports from RED events, competitions, and guest interviews.

This is all part of our broader aim to develop a stronger La Trobe University researcher community online through this blog, Twitter, and our Facebook page. We'd love you to be a part of it.

To that end, this blog now accepts submissions from La Trobe researchers - staff and students, researchers and professional staff! We'd like to see posts that offer:

  • Advice for doing good, efficient research, based on your experiences (e.g. fieldwork, planning a project, how to stay on track, what if things go wrong)
  • Interesting research stories (e.g. funny or strange experiences you've had while doing your research) 
  • Tips and strategies for gaining or improving research communication skills (e.g. presentations, academic and public writing, getting your work out there, social media perspectives)
  • Insight into why you're passionate about your research 

This "Contributions" page gives you all the guidelines you need to get started on a post.

Feel free to contact Dr Tseen Khoo ( should have you any queries. We look forward to hearing from you!

In addition to the big changes about the blog, there are other big changes for the RED team this year.

Photo by Jason Murphy
For starters, we're now part of the Graduate Research School (GRS) and located in the newly refurbished John Scott Meeting House (JSMH)!

This photo (left) was taken by Jason Murphy, the GRS' fab research communications advisor.

That's what we do these days: come up with excellent research education and development programs while kicking back with this lacustrine view.

As well as gaining such a view, the RED team also has a new member in Bendigo!

Earlier this month, we welcomed Ruth Williams to the team. Ruth has a great track-record in academic teaching and research, and she'll bring a significant and valuable contribution to the lives of our regionally located researchers.

That's about all the news we can fit into one post!

Look out for another RED Alert entry next Monday. Meanwhile, feel free to comment with what you'd like to see in future posts, or perspectives you'd like to hear.