Your go-to career resource stash (Tseen Khoo)

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What are you doing with your life?

When you start thinking seriously about your career and where you're at, it often happens when the workshops that might've been helpful have already run, the people you want to talk to are away at a conference, and appointments with career advisors can't happen for a month.

It's also often in the middle of the night, you've had too much coffee, and you want direction and answers right now!

Well, this is what this resource stash is about.

Bookmark it.

When you realise you want to know all the things about careers - how working it out happens for others and how you might work your own out - come back here and browse the wisdom and strategies.

The listing below is roughly divided into three sections:
  • Career pathways - what are research degrees good for?
  • How to land that job - the practical side of job-hunting 
  • Post-PhD experiences - work and career path narratives from researchers across a range of disciplines 
As always with these resource listings, what appears below are only a taster for what's out there (and with more appearing every day). Use the selected posts and sites below as starting points and get to know the phrases that describe what you're hoping to know more about. Do you know what a 'shadow CV' is? What does an academic interview entail? What options are there for PhD graduates in your discipline? 

Be intrepid and diligent in burrowing through the material below and you'll find out the answers to all those questions! 

Career pathways

How to land that job

Post-PhD experiences
And, of course, don't forget the great posts that have featured on the RED Alert already during this focused Careers Month:

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