#LTUacwrimo photo competition - "What helps me write"

Photo by chancema | unsplash.com
During the month of November, for #LTUacwrimo, the RED Unit is running a photo competition with the theme "What helps me write".

This competition, with a fabulous prize of a $100 voucher, is open to all research students and staff members of La Trobe University who are signed up for the #LTUacwrimo challenge.

Your photo could be of your favourite work-space, preferred writing 'fuel' (e.g. coffee, walks), most indispensable gadgets, or some other aspect of your writing routine.

Think creatively, capture it beautifully!

The photos will be judged by a panel of La Trobe specialists:
  • Dr Maryanne Aitken (Director, Research Services)
  • Tess Flynn (Manager, Photography and Digital Imaging)
  • Rebecca Norris (Manager, Online Community)
The photo competition's judging criteria are:
  • the quality, composition, and aesthetics of the photo; and 
  • the photo's interpretation of the theme, "What helps me write".
Entries for the #LTUacwrimo photo competition must be received by C.O.B. on Monday 24 November 2014. 

Competition guidelines and conditions appear below.

Conditions of competition:
  • Photos can be submitted:
    • Via Twitter: Tweets MUST include the #LTUacwrimo tag and the theme phrase "What helps me write"; or 
    • Via email: To t.khoo@latrobe.edu.au with the subject: "#LTUacwrimo photo competition: <YOUR NAME>".
  • Besides basic photo editing for clarity and size (e.g. contrast/lightening, cropping, and resizing), photos must not be digitally altered. 
  • Photos must be taken for the #LTUacwrimo photo competition, and not previously archived.  
  • Note that all entries to the photo competition may be used for #LTUacwrimo promotion and communications. All images used in this way will acknowledge the photographer.  
  • The judges' decision is final. 


Meg Rosse said…
thanks Tseen - I love the idea. And you know what they say about the worth of a picture ... :)
Emma said…
Done via Twitter this morning :)
Tseen Khoo said…
Hope that you'll be submitting an entry soon, Meg! Would be great to see your take on the theme!
Tseen Khoo said…
Hurrah - 1st entry! Thanks, Emma!