#LTUacwrimo livechats - How to join in

This year, #LTUacwrimo will feature two Twitter livechats to kick off and conclude Academic Writing Month!

  1. The first is on THURSDAY 6 Nov, 11am-12pm.
  2. The second is on FRIDAY 28 Nov, 11am-12pm.

Join in the first livechat to share tips and strategies for finding time to write, writing schedules, what to do about writer's block, and much more! It's a great chance to meet other La Trobe participants involved in the #LTUacwrimo challenge.

The second livechat gives you the chance to share how you went during the challenge, things you've learned, and successes and obstacles you've had. It will also feature the announcement of the #LTUacwrimo photo competition winner!

>>  If you've done Twitter livechats before, drop the 2 livechat dates/times in your diary and we'll see you then!

>>  If you haven't participated in a Twitter livechat before, read on! Don't worry - it's easy!

What is a Twitter livechat?
A Twitter livechat happens at a set time and date, and is usually moderated and focused on a specific topic. People come together on Twitter and converse using a specific hashtag.

In this case, we're using #LTUacwrimo. This means you can follow everything anyone is saying about #LTUacwrimo by checking this tag. See what has been said using the tag so far: #LTUacwrimo

How do I join the Twitter livechat?

  • Log in to Twitter at the set time/date.
  • Click on or follow the #LTUacwrimo tag, and introduce yourself to the others in the livechat. Check the questions and conversations that may have already gone out on the livechat. 
  • Start answering or asking questions, and sharing your experiences. 
  • ALWAYS remember to use the #LTUacwrimo tag in your tweets. Otherwise, others in the livechat may not see your comments or responses. 
You can simply use your Twitter account to follow the #LTUacwrimo livechat, or you can make use of the various apps that help you follow Twitter livechats. Our hashtag has been set up at this one: tchat.io

You can also follow a hashtag in your Twitter client like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Just set up a search for the hashtag and all of the tweets with that hashtag will show up in the search window. Familiarise yourself with these platforms before the livechat. 

Key thing to remember?

Have fun! The livechats are sharing, informal conversations with your colleagues and peers. 

For the first: Get to know how who's in the challenge, and how they're tackling it. 

Follow them through November (using the #LTUacwrimo tag) and continue your conversations. 

Then meet up again for the second livechat at end of the month and see how everyone went - share those experiences and successes. 


Portions of this blogpost are derived from Janet Fouts' post on "How to participate in a tweet chat".


Anonymous said…
Awesome idea and can't wait to be a part of the love chats.
Tseen Khoo said…
Will be great to see you at the chats, Narelle! I have heaps of questions. :)