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Would you like to contribute to The RED Alert?

We welcome submissions to the blog from La Trobe University academics, professional staff, and graduate researchers!

The RED Alert blog is a valuable resource and community forum that provides research and advice about doing research at La Trobe University.

The main audience for the blog are researchers of all levels, and those who support them.

We'd like to see posts that offer:
  • Advice for doing good, efficient research, based on your experiences
    (e.g. fieldwork, planning a project, how to stay on track, what if things go wrong)
  • Interesting research stories
    (e.g. funny or strange experiences you've had while doing your research,  
  • Tips and strategies for gaining or improving research communication skills
    (e.g. presentations, academic and public writing, getting your work out there, social media perspectives)
  • Insight into why you're passionate about your research 
Here are some ideas about specific topic areas that we'd welcome posts about:
  • Parenting and care/doing while being a researcher / graduate researcher
  • Preparations for going on fieldwork
  • Making an international move for your research career or degree 
  • Mental wellness and health + fitness for researchers
  • Engaging with non-academic friends/family, or the broader community, about your research
  • Diverse careers pathways, post-PhD
  • Managing supervision relationships (from supervisor or grad researcher perspectives!) 

Blogposts need not be long, and we encourage a conversational style. If you'd like to contribute, we'd require:
  • Blogpost text (600-800 words, in-text in an email or as a Word doc)
  • Short bio (100 words)
  • Profile pic, if possible
Contributions for consideration can be sent to the RED team: