The RED team holds a series of tweetchats throughout the year, addressing various aspects of research life and community.

All researchers are welcome to participate!

What is a tweetchat?

A tweetchat is a live Twitter event that takes place at a set day and time; often, tweetchats are an hour long. All researchers are welcome to participate.

Tweetchats have a host who facilitates the discussion, and is focused on a relevant topic (e.g. how to publish quality papers, balancing life while doing a PhD, or making time to write). ​

To filter all the chatter on Twitter into a single conversation a hashtag is used. For our tweetchats, we often use #LTUREDchat, or special theme tags during focus weeks (like #LTUcareers for Careers Week or #LTUacwrimo for Academic Writing Month).

Why would I participate?

You can participate in tweetchats no matter where you are (as long as you can access Twitter), and it gives you the opportunity to talk with colleagues from around La Trobe and beyond.

Being part of tweetchats is a great way to build your online networks and get to know your peers. It gives you the chance to showcase your expertise and engagement style​, and build your Twitter skills.

How do I participate?

It's very easy!
  1. Register for the specific tweetchat you're interested in, or make sure you've got it in your calendar / phone. 
  2. Before the tweetchat, have a think about what questions you'd like to ask or things you'd like to know and say. If you had relevant links or resources you'd like to share, that would be great!
  3. At the designated time, go to Twitter and search/follow the relevant hashtag (e.g. #LTUREDchat, #LTUcareers, or #LTUAcWriMo) - make sure you're looking at the "Latest" use of that hashtag, not the "Top". 
  4. Chat and have fun! Think of the chat as a Twitter conversation in real time - it can get fast and furious but it's OK if you're not catching every single thing that's going past.
    Key things to remember: 
    • ALWAYS use the chat hashtag in your responses or questions so that your tweet gets included in the conversation (and its archive, if relevant). 
    • Engage and respond to whatever/whoever you'd like. 
    • Sometimes, if the chat has a question number (e.g. Q1), your answer can logically be tracked if you use 'A1' (your answer to Q1). This is an accepted protocol. 
    • Chat conversations can sometimes run over an allocated tweetchat time, and that's' OK. Just remember to keep using the hashtag if you want it to be included in the broader conversation.
Can I run a tweetchat?

If you'd like to run a tweetchat with La Trobe researchers about an aspect of research life or researcher development, we'd be happy to work with you on it! To get started:
  • Think of a good topic.
  • Prepare four questions about this topic that would generate conversation.
  • Contact us at and we can discuss it further.